MAXXLIVING homes come in different sizes. The three basic models are called M, L and XL, referring to the interior width and length of homes. The design consists of a basic number of segments. You can add more segments to further extend your home. This way you are able to change the length of your home, depending on your personal situation.

MAXXLIVING homes provide comfort, durability, energy efficiency and safety. The homes are insulated against heat, cold and noise according to the latest standards to ensure a healthy indoor climate and low energy costs. The double volume living room has a glass front that reaches all the way to the top which gives a very spacious feel. The first floor divides the living area in two levels to optimise the surface of the home.

All homes are standard delivered with fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms. This includes kitchen and bathroom appliances! Click on the Floorplans button below to discover the different layouts of the homes.  

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The M-type

Price from R: 935.000

Elements: 8

Home size: 80 m² - 103 m² (living area)

Home width: 4,8 m (internal)

Home length: 9,6 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,2 to 2,4 m

Stand size: 200 m² - 320 m²



The L-type

Price from R: 1.190.000

Elements: 9

Home size: 115 m² - 144 m² (living area)

Home width: 6,0 m (internal)

Home length: 10,8 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,2 to to 2,4 m

Stand size: 280 m² - 415 m²

The XL-type

Price from R: 1.525.000

Elements: 10

Home size: 155 m² - 190 m² (living area)

Home width: 7,2 m (internal)

Home length: 12,0 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,4 to 2,4 m

Stand size: 350 m² - 570 m²

The interior as well as the exterior can be personalised to your taste and situation. You can choose between a number of designer's styles and option packages to configure your home with extra conveniency and luxury. It is even possible to go 100% Off-the-Grid! You can add solar panels, a pool, a carport, chimney, deck extension, air-conditioning, central heating, double glass, etc. 

View or download the Home Configuration Guide to discover everything about the interior and exterior styles, additional options and more.

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