Site Layout Plan


of the development primarily consists of the initial housing construction and delivery of various homes.

The perimeter fence, gatehouse and security systems are part of the phase 1 development as well.

Once the completion of phase 1 comes to a closure, phase 2 of the development will commence. 


of the development is scheduled to commence during mid 2021, and will not only add more homes, but more features and amenities.

These include a club house that includes a central business suite & boardroom, cafeteria, bathroom facilities, child minding facilities, swimming pool and a small gym. The roll out of the wifi hotspots, as well as the outdoor and leisure activities are planned for this phase.

The outdoor activities & facilities of Country Gardens Estate will further be enhanced by outdoor gyms, a football field, cricket pitch, and the availability of the running & cycling track which follows the perimeter fence line. 

We are investigating the possibility for a natural pool, that could be established in the natural stream running through the estate.

Our development offers genuine freedom and quality of life that will reveal itself on a grand scale.


Phase 1

portions B2, B3, C3 and D1

Phase 1

The site development has started mid-2020!

We have made some pictures to show you, view them in the gallery below.

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