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A home for everyone

The Country Gardens Estate development is meant to create human settlements that caters for mixed income groups and for people from all walks of live.


The estate is a complete eco-friendly living environment that will in future phases includes a school, stores, boutiques, shops, small businesses and services. Local jobs and micro economic opportunities will be within short distances from the estate and even inside the compound. This way we enhance the social aspect of life, create safer surroundings and enable prosperity.

Country Gardens Estate is one of Gauteng Department of Human Settlements appointed areas for economic growth. The development plan consists of different phases and is divided in separate areas and layouts with its own characteristics. 



Affordable freedom

Country Gardens Estate, a safe place where you own your home and your property, not just a house.


With the innovative design methodology of MAXXLIVING, property has become much more affordable and available for those who have never been able to afford their own home.


These homes are designed in such a way that it can be personalised and so adjusted to your own needs and taste. 

We believe that happiness and fortune makes people proud. We strive to give everyone the opportunity to be a proud owner of a home that suits their needs, living a social life with your neighbours and enjoy the safe surroundings.

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The estate plan

The estate is strategically placed, close to Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Midrand, Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Sandton CBD, yet far enough for it to become a mixed conversion creating its own equilibrium between human settlements, economic growth, and social activities, such as schools, sports and work.

The site plan of Country Gardens Estate has been laid out to use the natural gradient of the land to maximise the views of the beautiful valley and its sun sets. The central green park is where everybody can get together and enjoy recreation and sports.


Each neighbourhood consists of 50 to 75 houses, having its own main and sub roads, which are named after garden plants, trees and flowers. On each stand there is room for a home with at least one vehicle and a carport if desired.


Estate Plan


Remarkable design

MAXXLIVING homes come in different sizes and styles. The three basic models are called M, L and XL, referring to the interior width and length of homes. The design consists of a basic number of segments. You can add more segments to further extend your home. This way you are able to change the length of your home, depending on your personal situation.

MAXXLIVING homes all have solar panels as a standard, so you are totally independent. The homes provide comfort, durability, energy efficiency and safety. They are insulated against heat, cold and noise according to the latest standards to ensure a healthy indoor climate and low energy costs. The double volume living room has a glass front that reaches all the way to the top which gives a very spacious feel. The first floor divides the living area in two levels to optimise the surface of the home.

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Wood is our Soulmate

The homes are made using prefabricated modular wooden segments for speed of building and the low CO² impact of building with wood. These segments are produced in factory and then assembled on site.  These ‘sandwich-elements’ are constructed using a wooden framework which is filled with a thermal insulation between the outer and inner coverings for keeping the house cool in summers and warm in winters. The segments are mounted together into one solid structure and are supported by a steel and concrete foundation. Then finally, the external walls and roofs are cladded using low maintenance durable Colorbond sheeting.

Wood is a viable solution for affordable housing for the following reasons:

  1. Superior thermal performance (low electrical consumption)

  2. Fast construction method (can keep up with high delivery demands)

  3. Factory controlled production (huge savings on post build repair costs)

  4. Fire safety (peace of mind)

  5. Durability (houses will last many decades)

  6. High quality homes (restoring dignity and pride to homes owners)

  7. Sustainability (a low carbon footprint material is used that is good for the environment and that will not run out in years to come)

The M-types

PRICE FROM R1 455 000

Modular sections: 8

Home size: 97 m² - 110 m² (living area)

Home width: 4,8 m (internal)

Home length: 9,6 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,2 to 2,4 m

Stand size: 200 m² - 320 m²

The L-type

PRICE FROM R1 920 000

Modular sections: 9

Home size: 138 m² - 171 m² (living area)

Home width: 6,0 m (internal)

Home length: 10,8 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,2 to 2,4 m

Stand size: 280 m² - 415 m²

The XL-type

PRICE FROM R2 100 000

Modular sections: 10

Home size: 191 m² - 223 m² (living area)

Home width: 7,2 m (internal)

Home length: 12,0 m (internal)

Optional length: +1,2 to 2,4 m

Stand size: 350 m² - 570 m²

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Home configurations

The interior as well as the exterior can be personalised to your taste and situation. You can choose between a number of designer's styles and option packages to configure your home with extra conveniency and luxury.


There are many upgrades available, such as upgrades for the garden and landscaping, extra entertainment options. We also provide indoor upgrades, such as stone worktops in the kitchen, extra storage, privacy glass in the main bedroom, skylight which is a glass unit for extra day light, and many more.

Discover everything about the home configuration options by visiting the show homes in the estate. 

Education Centre

the education centre

sutherland3 landscape - white_edited.jpg

The Sutherland Academy’s Montessori preschool is open since January 2023. With our beautiful school building, natural playground, and healthy food, your little one is getting the best!

Sutherland Academy is a first-of-its-kind fully off the grid school. It includes a preschool, primary and high school, where we prepare the youth of South Africa to enter the world and hit the ground running.

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Why, how, what?


Find out all about our building method, the estate development, safety, living off-the-grid and more...


Our Journey So Far

2017 - JULY


MAXXLIVING is inspired by Harvard Business School where innovations are said to be the foundation for creating prosperity. The goal of MAXXLIVING is to be Market Creators. Through an innovative approach, MAXXLIVING created a (Housing) Product that will allow houses to be built faster, environmentally friendly and smarter with exceptional quality.



MAXXLIVING completed the first fully furnished show home in South Africa to demonstrate the concept and the quality of the final product for the public to view. 

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